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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Ah My Goddess Sequence
Any Ah my goddess movie cel! Especially any belonging to my sequences or with a background High
Ah! my goddess
The goddesses at the end of the movie singing to restore the balance in heaven. I now have one of Urd *squeal* two to go. Will Give Kidney
Cels of the punishment angels, teenage Urd or Belledandys childhood. Very High
Would love to find this exact shot. Koinosuke and hajime scheming about his fight with Jubei. Will Give Kidney
Any Nadesico cels Medium
Sailor Moon
I love SD and sneaky shots and the combined look of both Serena and Luna is just priceless! Very High
Any sailor moon cel which is an up close face shot which fills the entire cel. For some reason i am facinated with this type. High

Curator: alyssium
Gallery Created: 12/20/2004
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