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The 25 updates of christmas.....
last modified: Thursday, November 26, 2009 (4:58:32 AM CST)
So it has been a little while since I last updated... work has kept me busy on roadtrips and plane hopping all over Australia (places even I didnt know we had)

My new pile of cels and sketches is slowly getting higher and the longer I leave it the harder it will be to organise. I have decided in the spirit of christmas (since it has crept up on me so suddenly) to do a "25 updates of Christmas."

Starting from the first of December I will add a new cel or sketch every day till christmas. Feedback and comments are very welcome!!!! If you have some new acquisitions, please join me :)

I hope you enjoy the updates and Merry Christmas!!!

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Hands up if your name starts with Chris...
last modified: Wednesday, May 07, 2008 (11:41:20 PM CST)
It seems that there are quite a few Chris, Christine and Christina’s out there!
I know of at least 6 in rubberslug.

Mainly for my curiosity more than anything else can anyone with a “chris” name post a reply?
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A bit puzzled by a sailor moon episode title cel....
last modified: Monday, April 28, 2008 (7:46:31 AM CST)
A title cel wow, I was really happy to get this!Took me some time to partly translate and figure out the episode.
The only issue is that in the screencapture the title has the words in different order! This has me a little puzzled.... it looks old, it has registration holes, if it was a fake then would someone go to the trouble of making a fake wrong? Did the production team edit it after taking the shot.... Can anyone shed some light?


Hmmmmm !?!?!?!
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Nadesico ID and GTO pan scan
last modified: Thursday, January 24, 2008 (9:31:53 PM CST)
Thank you for everyone's input into the Nadesico cel, it was driving me crazy! I just couldnt find where it was from. Decided to sit down for two nights straight and watch through the entire series again. Thank god its only a short series and not like sailor moon, kenshin or inuyasha! I swore that it was from the flashback scene when they were younger, but no matter how many times i rewound, slowed it down, it just was not there. Finally second to last episode right before Akito, yurika and inez boson jump the whole ship akito has a longer flashback where the scene is extended and.... there it was YAY!

Oh and dragged all my pan cels into work and scanned them on the photocopier so ill have my pan cels (mainly from GTO) up in the next couple of days.

The first of many

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Nadesicos kiss
last modified: Saturday, January 19, 2008 (7:58:19 AM CST)
ARGHHHHH, how frustrating i have a cel of akito and yurika kissing but i can locate it anywhere. Can anyone help me? Im sure they only kiss twice in the anime. Once in the flashback when they were younger and once at the very end of the anime.

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A years worth of updates
last modified: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 (6:23:08 AM CST)
You may have noticed that i have been doing quite a few update in the last couple of days, simply because i have bought so many cels over the past year and have updated very little. So know that I am on holiday for three weeks it seems to be a good use of my time seeing as though my bf still has to work... speaking of which add another person to the addiction, i bought my bf some cels for christmas and now he has started up his own gallery! Please check it out. (and vote too)
He spent so much time tinkering with it before he finally opened it and has been checking it so many times to see if anyone has visited (gee takes me back four years ago to when i open my gallery) i think most of my first hits were from me oggling my cels :)

Anyhow i have many more cels to add from GTO, some primo cels from AMG (original backgrounds too drool)nadesico, kenshin as well as some new series. So please visit again soon. Im also thinking that as soon as i hit 10,000 hits im up for a website makeover so please help speed up the process with visiting lots duing my updates :)

Hope everyone had a happy christmas and a great new year!

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Viva las Vegas
last modified: Thursday, November 29, 2007 (6:34:52 PM CST)
Hey all, finally hauled myself over to the US (or well my work sent me over)Woo hoo no cost holiday (unfortunately some work involved) Very lucky for me JWR (Joe and his lovely wife Maria) came down and we had dinner together at a Irish pub at the New York New York hotel! He even brought down his cels to share with me. Hows that for an awsome rubberslugger, THANK YOU SO MUCH JWR!!! Meanwhile if theres anyone in the cleveland or LA area that wants to catch up in the nxt two weeks send an email my way!!
You can view the happy snap here

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ID'd all my Ah my goddess cels.
last modified: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 (10:43:06 PM CST)
For the first time in owning my collection my whole Ah my goddess section has been ID'd I finally got the motivation and it took two days of Catherine (USAMAMO thank you soooo much!)and I sorting and watching but we finally have counted and arranged my 507 Ah my goddess cels..... phew slightly more then i thought. Im plannin on thinning my collection out a bit as storing that many cels (not counting my other series) is starting to prove difficult so watch out in the Rubberslug shop in the near future for some additions.
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Animania Cosplay!!
last modified: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 (6:23:43 PM CST)
YAY finally made it to a anime convention and i have a friend LOL, dont sound so surprised! I found someone who wanted to cosplay with me (well without being baund and gagged :) Me and USAMAMO decide for a last minute dash interstate to Melbourne for Animania! She looked gorgeus as Miyu
And i went as Shima from Stellvia.
There were stacks of people in cosplay and even more people saying "CAN WE TAKE YOUR PICTURE?" Funny for someone who usually runs at he sight of cameras! Had stacks of fun, bought lots of anime and already thinking about who to cosplay next!

Any ideas :)
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Howls Moving Castle
last modified: Sunday, March 19, 2006 (9:12:08 PM CST)
So i have never really got around to watching any ghibli productions. From what i have seen nothing really had tempted me into the storylines but with everyone going on about how great they are i thought i would check one out. The lastest being Howls moving castle i went out and bought it and sat down for the afternoon.
!!!!!!WOW!!!!! I popped the DVD in and watched it straight over once and then twice for good meansure and decided i liked it even more. IN fact i would say that is my favourite second only to the Ah my goddess movie! The storyline and characters were fantastic and I was cheering along for the plain sofie by the end of it. And *sigh* how hot is Howl.... move over sofie i would help that wizard hottie anyday! Oh no i think im turning into a fangirl, here little ol me who thinks that you could be crazy to obsess over a anime character... Do yourself a favour go out and rent or buy the movie its a couple of well worth hours of entertainment and i definantly recommend it!

And yes i have already jumped on the internet and searched for any paraphernalia. Thank god there are no cels or sketches available yet. Do you have any idea how much more broke i would be if there were?
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