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GTO Lesson 6 C7
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: C7
Standard size

Original Matching Background

Added 8/9/2007
Updated 1/1/2009
Vice Principal Uchiyamada begs for his cresta!

Episode Summary:
After one of the students Onizuka punished to avenge the torture inflicted on Yoshikawa gets her mother involved, Onizuka finds himself facing the end of his teaching career - unless he can prove to the PTA board that the student isn't the innocent victim she claims to be!

Series/Source: GTO
Character(s): Hiroshi Uchiyamada
Episode: 6
Episode Name: Conspiracies All Around
Sketch Size: 10”1/2 x 9”
Cel Number(s): C7
Sketches: 2
Background: Original Matching
Condition: Excellent

Source: GZVEGA
Date Bought: 29/9/2006

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