Welcome to my gallery, this houses the culmination of 6 years of collecting and represents all my favourite anime.
You will find a mixture of cels, sketches and layouts. All the sketch work will display screencaptures in the main gallery but you will find the sketches all tucked away if you click on them.

Please enjoy your time here :)

News & Updates

1/3/2010YAY 4 ANime-beta awards! Thanks to everyone who voted for my cels!
1/3/2010Phew that 25 updates of christmas was hard work!! Hope you enjoyed the uploaded artwork. I have a couple more but they will go up more slowly this time!
9/8/2009Lun-art and Kata assisted in an elusive Sailor Moon SC. THANKS!!! More Sailor Moon to come.
8/14/2008Kenshin cel ID'ed by KATA, you rule Kata!

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Title Last Updated
*Anime Beta Awards* 1/6/2010
12 Kingdoms 5/9/2009
Ah! My Goddess Movie 12/9/2009
AMG 3/16/2008
Bleach 1/12/2010
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 11/2/2009
Burn Up 12/18/2009
Chobits 9/7/2009
Gad Guard 12/22/2009
GTO 10/5/2008
Gunparade March 4/2/2009
Infinite Ryvius 3/25/2009
Inuyasha 12/4/2009
Jubei-Chan 8/14/2008
Magic Knight Rayearth 11/16/2008
Nadesico 9/2/2009
Naruto 10/14/2008
Neon Genesis Evangelion 12/25/2009
Noir 1/3/2008
Please teacher 3/4/2006
Rurouni Kenshin 12/7/2009
Sailor Moon 12/18/2009
Sailor Moon Movies 1/20/2009
Sailor Moon unknown 3/7/2005
Trigun 4/23/2007
Yakitate Japan! 5/9/2009

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